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I find it difficult to introduce myself as “somebody“.

Yes, I am Jayavalsan, . . . a “nobody” . . .

Logically minded . . . Creative by heart.

Art and designing has been my love and passion. And I'm obsessed with making things and even more obsessed with making things better. I've been in the business of creativity since I exhibited my first artwork on the white wall of the house when I was a little boy and got punished. Even my career path was of different nature I have been actively involved in the designing aspects wherever possible.

Now I have become a full-time Designer and started taking up jobs like designing Websites, Graphics and Photos for clients and friends. My specialty is front-end web design and development, making pixel magic in Photoshop and turning it into beautiful, semantic HTML & CSS. My interests, however, extend beyond the web and I love helping people with branding, print design and marketing strategy. I even love making designs move by creating professional motion graphics and video.

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Websites Designed

Opton Automations

  • optonautomations.com

Gayatri Asokan

  • gayatriasokan.com


  • Sea 7

New Creation FZ

  • New Creation FZ

Travel My Kerala

  • Travel My Kerala

Joymon & Elsa

  • Joymon & Elsa

Tent of Glory Ministries

  • Ten of Glory

Rise & Build Ministries

  • Rise And Build Ministries

Web Design

I design Responsive Websites for effortless and enhanced user experience of browsing on Smartphones, Tablets in addition to Desk/Lap-tops. Responsive website technology boosts the user experience on handheld devices eliminating any need of zooming / horizontal-scrolling for going through the web content. This manifolds the site’s penetration to a large chunk of audience, who most of the time use handheld devices for web browsing. Desk/Lap top users can go to this link --Browse on Handheld Devices-- and browse this site on different virtual devices and realize the power of RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN.

As a designer and a Web developer I do everything from layout, graphics, image editing/optimization to coding and launching of websites. I am always passionate about creating a good user experience. I am also a technology enthusiast and really enjoy learning new things. Now I am part and parcel of a UAE based company - Newcreationsfz LLC, www.newcreationsfz.com, where I head and execute the web design and development.

Web design is truly a science. Generally speaking, this is what defines how your web site will look to users. It is web design that helps create the first (and overall !) impression of business, your services and - your personality, in the case of a personal profile website. That's why web design development is a key and elaborate process that combines professionalism and the implementation of the latest innovations in design techniques.

Personal Websites

Get ahead of the race. These days, it is perfectly normal for individuals to run websites hosted on domains named after them. It’s no longer a luxury left to the celebrities you know. Employers always provide a field where you can fill in your web URL on application forms.

I can help you build and run your web site. It might just be a profile or CV page or if you are more adventurous, it may be a full-blown website with expanded sections on things like personal interests, social causes, portfolios, adventures, whatever you want.

Everyone is looking for people with a spark. There is no better way for you to show you’ve got one than, with the creativity and versatility, a personal website provides.

SIX Reasons Why You Need a Personal Website

A personal website can act as your online CV. Most employers do a simple Google search on any potential employee, even before they interview them. Having your own personal website gives them an insight into you that is more extensive than your basic written CV.

Creating a personal website also counteracts any negative publicity that may feature around your name online. This site allows the ‘real you’ to be exposed and gives you a platform to give your own side of the issue.

When you create a personal website, it can also act as a marketing tool. People looking for you or your services are most likely going to search for them online, allowing you to expose yourself to a much larger market.

Creating a personal website allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and become part of a network that could be exceptionally useful in business.

Users and clients are more willing to trust companies or individuals whom they know a little about. Creating a personal website allows you to become more real to your potential clients, ensuring a level of trust that is beneficial to both parties.

I build website design that fits your personality.

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